ABC (Animated Business Card) Communication Packages

There are still occasions where you need a paper business card but you are limited to in-person presentation.  There is a better way to give someone your personal & companies information.  You can add all of your contact information, including live map location, photo, and web & social media links to your potential clients cell phone contacts, while at the same time, capturing there name and number into your phones contacts… any time, any place, any timezone.  Face to face is no longer a requirement.

With an Animated Business Card and online contact file stored in your cell phone, you are ready to connect with others in a faster, more effective way than locating and handing someone another worn-edged piece of cardboard.

Think about it.  When was the last time you took the time to enter someone else’s information from a paper business card into your cell phones contacts?

By sending your new Animated Business Card in a text message, including your online contact file and simply asking someone to click save, to create a new contact, you not only have established a new multi-line of communication, but you are now in their contacts (and you can save their name and number in your contacts as well).  They can now call, text, email and visit your social media and websites.  Your ABC will capture their attention like nothing on cardboard can, and your sharable contact file will be ready to use by others to communicate with you.  You will now be voice dial-able without anyone ever having to enter a single number!

Who do you call first?  A new person or someone already in your cell phones contacts?  Who do you think they are going to call?

Most cell phones list your contacts before map or search engine browser results!

Contact us today for more information about obtaining your companies new ABC communication package for you and your employees.  View the video below for more information about how we create your employees communication package and it’s inclusions.  Every agency / company receives free training and written instructions and usage tips.

For a few examples of standard business cards you can get more information and watch videos HERE & HERE.  To see a few examples of other types of ABC packages you can watch a video HERE.