Business Introductory Videos

Many websites are used for advertisement of a service or product.  Sometimes the product is a person.  Sometimes the product is you.  The best way to represent yourself is to have a short video produced that highlights you and what you have to offer.  “I sell cars”.  “Buy Some Cars From Me”.  I think we all know that never worked and today is no different.  We can help you from conception to execution.  We will help with making a list of what is needed for your goals, a script, tele-promting (the method that newscasters use to read the news to you while looking at the camera), filming, editing and even uploading if necessary.

Below are a couple of examples of an introductory video and matching web splash video from a few years ago.  In the splash, she knew exactly where the button on her website was going to be placed, that she wanted everyone to click, as well as where she wanted her splash to be placed on her front page.  You can see her gesture in the direct on that buttons location in the final webpage.

The video below is an introductory video of skills and services that doesn’t use the owners face or voice.  There are many types of business videos and Jriangle Productions has a lot of experience creating and producing such videos.