Complete Theme Creation

A theme is for more than just an event.  A central theme is needed for things as diverse as logos, collateral and design.  Below you will find a slide show of with an example of a central theme used in many different ways.

Sometimes you just can’t beat the tried and true event themes.  They are easy, predictable and expected.  Grab some bed sheets and its a toga party.  Blow up some balloons and its a birthday party.  Put out some cheese and crackers and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Sorry.  I dozed off there for a minute.  If you have had to attend one of those events lately then you might want to think twice before you put on an even of your own that people will remember you for.

Simply starting out with an original theme or at least a new variation on one of the old themes will be a great start.  Some themes involve more work and expense than others but the more you put into it, the better it will be for everyone involved.

Below the slideshow of one complete theme is a short video with a few good starter themes that Jriangle Productions has been involved with over the years.  With your requirements and our creative experience, we can come up with something truly enjoyable, memorable and fun.


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