Complete Marketing – Combo Package

Today, many people need to gather their personal marketing materials one at a time.  As business progresses you compile more and more, little by little.  Most of the time, by the time you have everything you need, you realize the first things you acquired are now out of date and you have to start the whole cycle all over again.

Many of our realty clients often purchase several of our marketing and web services at the same time because they either need everything to get started or need everything updated.  One of the best ways (and most affordable) is to get several of the main items needed by new and experienced business people all at once in a combination package.  Jriangle Productions is now offering more packages to help cut down on the overall expense of Á la carte ordering of services.

We are now offering a complete Professional Website / Personal Marketing /  Introductory Video package that includes everything you need to set up business that costs less than the usual expense of just a simple web-host designed website!  It is possible to have modern, clean design with matching marketing materials and online presence for much less than the cost of simplistic, busy design that looks like other sites and materials from years ago.



  • Complete videography and editing of a HD, multimedia, introductory video of yourself and your business
  • Photography and Photoshop of yourself including multiple formats and sizes (included in marketing package)
  • Personal marketing / communication package (equivalent to The Bungalow Marketing Package) including print, ABC & online marketing materials
  • Responsive Website (that works on all screen sizes)
  • Clean, client-centered design with your personal taste
  • Original Graphics (created just for you, not “gathered” from around the web)
  • Full HAR IDX integration plus any other offered from your broker (for realtor customers)


Watch our short video for information about our new marketing combination package below.



We are now able to offer everything for an average package rate of only $1000*.  

Individually, all three service packages total  $1300 and up on average (which is still a lot less than what a functioning professional website alone, without original graphics usually costs).  Check out our shortcut links below for more information, videos and live web addresses on all of the individual services we are including in our new combo package.


Introductory Videos     •     Photography / Photoshop

Marketing Packages     •     ABCs (Animated Business Cards)

Website Design     •     Original Graphics


If you would like to purchase individual services or smaller packages, you can still select exactly what you would like by going to our main website page and select “Who You Are” to curate a list of services, specifically for you.

* Additional options are available.