Most industries have yearly conventions.  Many companies present multiple times a year in many different conventions.  The display and media used (in print and multimedia forms) are just the beginning of what is needed to have a presence at such events.  The problem is that you are concentrated in a relatively small area with others who are competing for attention of the same people.  Most of the time you are also competing with other similar or exact companies who offer the same services or products.  To capture the attention and wallets of your potential clients and customers you really have to stand out among all of the near by competition in a grand fashion.

Jriangle Productions can help you from the inspiration stage, through the development and creation stages, all the way through the final event stage including design and productions of any display, media and multimedia including the creation of concepts and original designs.

Convention Displays are used for a lot more than just specialty events held once a year.  They are used by many professionals as mobile signage, advertisement and point of sale attention grabbers.  Once designed and manufactured, these pop-ups, that come in many different sizes from desktop to entire walls, can work not only to catch someones attention, but to hold onto their attention by blocking out the distractions of the immediate surroundings.

The first video below shows various stills from a trucking industry convention presentation as well as photos from various other large convention center events.

The second video is an older Jriangle Productions video proposal presentation from a few years ago (names changed and removed) used to help a company choose the type of backdrop design they needed for a convention.  They had no idea that there were not only different levels and types of displays, but that they could use it for other purposes than once a year.  In this presentation we showed the different levels and types.  Some of the choices were actually duel/reversible designs and some of the choices incorporated a projection screen into the design to turn their backdrop into a multimedia display.  Using a few photos provided by the company we used what was familiar to show what could be, to help the owner and the parent company board make a better decision before the full design work took place.