Directories are a simple list of members.  It is an indispensable tool to most organizations and larger business.  The large the group, the harder it is to actually use the directory.  It is very easy to reformat a directory into smaller, useful groups, when it has been formatted correctly in the first place.  Jriangle Productions can take an existing directory or create a completely new one for you.  By adding enough information in the original spreadsheet, and grouping and reformatting secondary sheets, your employees will not have to know how to work the directory, they can simply use it by selecting any number of sub groups that have already been designed and completed.

Below is a small slideshow of one directory that uses something as simple as color coding to split members into 4 equal sub groups, alphabetized and with each groups leader at the top of the list.  In this case the colors represent the seasons of the year.

Color coding may not work for your group or organization but there are many other visual and graphical ways to separate members into easy to see and use sub-groups.


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