Flyers / Pamphlets

Flyers are used to advertise in mass production, to a large group of potential clients and customers.  They originally got their name because they were exclusively used to go on windshields in parking lots and flew off the car when you got in and started to drive away.  No one likes them but using Las Vegas odds, they do work.  We have to admit that while cursing one we actually discovered an event that we ended up going to.  I guess they do work on the most cynical of us.

Today the term flyer is used for a small pamphlet.  Pamphlets as a collection of a list of features, skills or even choices offered by an individual, group or company.  Many industries use pamphlets as their primary recruiting tool.  It has everything offered in one, physical, visual package.

Flyers are a very inexpensive way to blanket a neighborhood for new business who do not have a large advertising budget.  New Realtors can no only learn a neighborhood quickly, but can also meet and greet people in an area that are potential new listings.  If you have sold a home in an area but can’t afford to do a Recently Sold Mail-out to that zip code, personally delivering a flyer is an inexpensive way to see and be seen.

If you are in a service industry, you should be prepared to offer your service to all the neighbors.  Don’t wait on work of mouth from your current satisfied customer.  Spread your own word and meet your next potential clients.  They might not need you now but you will be the first one they call in the future when they suddenly need your service!

Below is a short video showing a couple of flyer and pamphlet designs produced by Jriangle Productions in recent years.