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Todays brokers have increased competition from other local agencies, national and international brokerages. It is getting harder to stand out from the others when it comes to what they can offer their agents. You want what is not only different from the other agencies but media and marketing that works better in todays market climate.

Jriangle Productions© most popular service today is our communications solution, the ABC (Animated Business Card) and various marketing packages that include them. A text-able business card that naturally catches the attention of the viewer in combination with a personal message, a downloadable online contact file with navigation and a map component is sendable to anyone, at any location, in any timezone, around the world in real time, in one single text bubble.

By sharing a contact file that includes all contact and social media links and a photo, in one "Create New Contact" click, your agents will be in the cell phone and computer contacts of all of your agents clients and potential clients faster and easier then even trying to dial a number off of a cardboard business card or yard sign. When was the last time you called or texted someone from entering their phone number off a business card? People are going to contact someone who is already in their contacts before trying to find someone new. Click one button from your text and they are in the contact files. They are now voice dial-able! The client will never have to enter a phone number... even the first time. One click and you have saved their name and phone number into your contacts. This whole exchange has transpired in only a few seconds... while another agent is still trying to pull a worn-edge card from their wallet.

Jriangle Productions offer discounts to brokers who choose to provide any of our services to their agents (as well as repeat customer discounts and individualized discounts exclusively for only their agency). Larger agencies and realtor groups can fund a percentage of any of our packages to split the expense with their agents.

If you are looking for education for your agents, Jriangle Productions can identify and create any curriculum needed with a multi-degreed, educator including introduction and training with any of our services.

If you are looking to reinforce and augment your agents knowledge, we offer several 1 to 2 hour training seminars, geared toward educating your agents with helpful tips, demonstrations, hands-on workshops and presentations. Our Seminars Page has more information including courses, curriculum and pricing. Contact us today for scheduling.

Below is a long list of services Jriangle Productions offer you, the busy realty broker. Each link includes more information about each service including videos, examples and slideshows. We also offer MLS Posting & Photography Services, Realtor Websites, Print Collateral, Signs, Web Banners and Realtor Photography.

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