I Need A Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you already know what video at a minimum of 32 frames per second represents. Jriangle Productions can help you by producing any type of video you need. This includes industry, in-house, introductory, presentation and marketing.
Below is a list of our various video services. We have also included some of our media services that create elements for use in your videos. Almost every page on our website Jriangle.com includes some form of video from information to humor. We can match any style needed as well as create a new one, just for your purposes.
  •   The prime secret, successful Realtors© and sales people have in common, in having continued, repeatable success in realty or any other service based industry, is daily habits & pe [...]
  •   Today, many people need to gather their personal marketing materials one at a time.  As business progresses you compile more and more, little by little.  Most of the time, by the t [...]
  • There are still occasions where you need a paper business card but you are limited to in-person presentation.  There is a better way to give someone your personal & companies information [...]
  •   Today, video is used as much as photos to convey a true sense of an idea or concept.  Jriangle Productions can come to you and produce a video that shows you and or your product in [...]
  •     Realtors and people in various other realty related business like title companies, investors, builders, rehabbers and others know the importance of having a good identity f [...]
  • I bet you or someone you know still uses dead-tree business cards. Business cards printed on card stock paper and ordered in boxes of 250, 500, 1000 or even more.  It is time to update your bus [...]
  •   Keynote is the premier presentation software developed by Apple©.  It's counterpart is PowerPoint.  Although PowerlessPoint has come a long way in the last few years at catching u [...]
  •   It is time to update your business card to at least where your online and cell communication was 10 years ago! Not only is your contact information in need of an update but how  [...]
  •   Slideshows have been around from the very beginning of photography... when photos were actually produced on... slides.  Today they are used in so many different situations from birt [...]
  •     Not only is your contact information in need of an update but how you share your information with others is in need as well.  With an Animated Business Card and conta [...]
  •   Many websites are used for advertisement of a service or product.  Sometimes the product is a person.  Sometimes the product is you.  The best way to represent yourself is to have [...]
  •     Visualizations are simply a way of showing an idea that is either intangible or doesn't exist yet.  You can clearly see the end product by try to get someone else to see y [...]
  •   It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Our Videos have up to 60 FPM (Frames or pictures Per Minute).  There are times when a single picture will not sufficiently gi [...]
  •     Have you ever had an idea that was simply brilliant, but no one else seemed to see it that way?  Proposal presentations are the key to getting others to see your idea in a [...]
  •     Industry Videos are used in most all companies.  They are the educational videos used to show concepts, skills and various other aspects of everyday uses and needs of a bu [...]
  •   Jriangle Productions has used Keynote (and Power Point) for years, to make various game shows for use in various teaching situations and for fun.  This one is a fully finished, ki [...]
  • Several years ago, my partner and I were flipping houses and we discovered we really had a preference for mid-70's large family homes.  We had finished several projects where we had to do the [...]