Industrial Promotional Videos

Today, video is used as much as photos to convey a true sense of an idea or concept.  Jriangle Productions can come to you and produce a video that shows you and or your product in the best possible way.  We use many various marketing techniques to help put you at the top of any list.

Many websites and social media outlets are used mainly for advertisement of a service or product.

Sometimes the product is actually a service.  Sometimes the product is a person.  Sometimes the product is you.  The best way to represent yourself is to have a short video produced that highlights you and what you have to offer.  We can help you from conception to execution.  We will help with making a list of what is needed for your goals, a script, tele-promting (the method that newscasters use to read the news to you while looking at the camera), filming, editing and even uploading if necessary.

Below are examples of web splash videos and various types of industry introductory videos.  The first one is actually a compilation or highlight reel of several videos found throughout their site.  The second video is a building and rehab company splash.  The third video is a real estate investment company splash.

Be sure to view many other Videos found throughout  our website, including Introductory, Presentations, and even Game ShowsKaraoke!