Karaoke Videos

Several years ago, my partner and I were flipping houses and we discovered we really had a preference for mid-70’s large family homes.  We had finished several projects where we had to do the usual demolishing and removal of questionable wall paper, carpet etc. when we realized we were picking the same type of houses over and over again.  After it was pointed out to us by others, I decided to make a short video for our enterprises website, it slowly turned into… well… a karaoke.  You can view below but it actually better if you sing it… out loud (be sure to check left, right, in the next room and near by to make sure you are alone first).  We have made several sing-a-long videos in the past for various other reasons so I see no reason it can’t be for marketing purposes as well.  I bet you have a few ideas that might get us started as well.