Keynote (& Powerpoint) Presentations

Keynote is the premier presentation software developed by Apple©.  It’s counterpart is PowerPoint.  Although PowerlessPoint has come a long way in the last few years at catching up with Keynote@ 2001, it still is used mostly for making lists with an occasional graphic element.  Sometimes all you have to work with is the software that is installed on your computer but most times we can either make your presentation with Keynote in video form or import the presentation into PowerPoint slides to be presented from your laptop.  We also use Powerpoint when that is what you need and you need it to work natively on your PC to its best extent but usually you can achieve a better result with importing from Keynote.  PowerPoint really has come a long way in features and some human interface designs but in comparison, Keynote really does render it to mostly be PowerPointless.

Below is a video about videos.  Every video clip you see in the multimedia was natively done with Keynote.