MLS Listing Marketing / Makeover

Do you have a house that has been on the market for too long? Is it not getting the traffic numbers to allow it to sell timely? Are you in the middle of rehab and you already can see it is going to be a harder sell then you first planned? This happens all the time to realtors, flippers and others in realty. Sometimes it’s the price but most of the time it is the initial visual seen in HAR or from the street view. Jriangle Productions can help you successfully market your hard-to-sell property including HAR listings, photos/videos and descriptions.

Buyers often see good pictures of a place, only to go there and be disappointed in what it actually looks like. We can take your existing pictures or more often than not, take new pics, using the correct lighting, angles an cropping, to give buyers a positive but realistic impression that makes your property compelling and attractive. Sometimes staging works but only on very large, top end homes. The idea of staging is to give buyers an idea of how it looks with furniture, but the majority of buyers, who lack visualization skills, are actually looking for how their items will fit into the space. Other furniture and decor usually get in the way and hinder the buyer from seeing the possibilities.

The best way to do this is to stage the photos and mini-stage the actual home. We use actual furniture or even virtual decor in the photographs to show possibilities and only stage kitchens, baths and one small area of the house at most. When clients come to the location, they are not disappointed in the difference. They already have seen the possibilities. When they arrive it always looks even bigger without all the other peoples furniture. Your client can easily see how their things fit the space, including themselves. It is the difference between shopping for a house and shopping for a home. We know which one sells!

Sometimes the home is occupied and you either don’t want to potentially offend a new client by telling them that they need to clean and remove half of the contents of their home, of you just can’t convince them of the importance of having everything ready to show at all times. We can go in and make a complete list of what needs to be done in print and digital versions with photos. This not only keeps you from having to deliver potentially bad news personally but actually gives your client a great sense of added value from their choice of picking you to list their property!

Offering this feature not only greatly improves a homes chance of selling timely at it’s highest value, but it also has the benefit of making you more attractive as a potential listing agent.

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