MLS Marketing / Posting Services

Sometimes cellphone pictures look really good. Rarely does that work in real estate, especially when it comes to uploads and online postings. Ask any professional photographer “what is the hardest thing to photograph” and they will always tell you animals and real estate. Trying to get the lighting correct inside and out is challenging.

As a busy realtor, you know how much time going on location, photographing, uploading, writing descriptions that fit each sites minimum/maximum character count, going to the next site, doing it all again can take. One of the main online sites make you upload each picture one-at-a-time!

You can now have everything done for you including a professional photoshoot of about 100 photos, selection of the best 32 and files uploaded* to all 3 main sites for one price including professional, optimized listing description and well as individual photo descriptions for one price!

All properties need to have clear, bright photographs in the listing including a well prepared main photo.

Homes in various price ranges have different marketing needs. Affordable homes (from 50,000 – 130,000) only need one or two photoshop prepared photos and 30 standard professional pics. Midrange Homes (130,000 – 230,000) need to have at least 6 prepared photos including the main sellers such as the kitchen and special features. High end homes (230,000 and up) really need to have all 32 photos prepared and optimized. There are occasions when a lower priced home needs a higher end treatment because of condition, seasons as well as individual issues that make it a harder sell.

We also offer video slideshow presentation files that can be uploaded to various online sites including HAR, Trulia, YouTube and Zillow as well as use in office, professional presentations and on personal websites, as an option.

It is surprisingly affordable & fast to have your new listing posted for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best!

Contact us today to start saving time and money. Watch the video for more information.

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