MLS Scripts

Everyone knows what the buzzwords cozy and quaint  mean… except most realtors!  It means, “eliminated”… “next”.  Most home buyers search online and on HAR to eliminate, not select homes to actually visit and select from.  Once a home has been eliminated, it is next to impossible to get them to even consider looking at it again, even online… no matter how low the prices go.  When you write the main description or descriptions of the individual images you have uploaded, you catch the attention of half of the viewers if you are lucky.  but the other half have permanently eliminated your listing.  To work the odds, you really have to put some thought into what you photograph and what you do NOT photograph, as well as carefully word all of your descriptions as to not cause undue eliminations from something as simple as using the word carpet.  Half of todays market wants anything but carpet.  Some would even choose a dirt floor over carpet, I’m convinced.  The ones who want carpet or are okay with it, are also okay with other types of flooring material.  Guess what the people who do not want carpet (even though it is easy to remove and cheap to replace) do.  Thats right.  Eliminated.

The video below shows a few examples of corrected and optimized descriptions of listing photos. Be sure to search our site for other MLS posts and services by Jriangle Productions such as our MLS Posting Service and our MLS Marketing Makeover packages.