Multimedia Identity

In todays realty market you really do have to work your online image to create an identity that is approachable as well as available.  This includes your website, your social media and various other forms of media that were not even available just a few short years ago.  One thing that has been available for over 20 years now is the QR Code.  That little square image of tiny dots and dashes.  Realtors tried to use it years ago in lawn signage but there was a fatal flaw in its use.  If someone did have a cell phone it either had a 1 inch screen (if it had a screen at all) or it was still the size of a small brick with an antenna sticking out of it 5 inches.  It had no camera.  Almost no one had the equipment to read the code on signage!  Today most everyone has a smart phone that not only could put Star Treks communicators, it could run the whole Starship Enterprise while simultaneously filming and producing the entire TV series… in 1080p HD quality!

There are many different types of QR Codes and all of the scanner apps are free.  These code can now do a lot more than just forward you to a website.  QR Codes can be used to declutter the front of your business cards by placing all of your contact information, websites, social media contacts and even your photos and personal notes in one code, placed not he back of your card, or on any print media, your yard signs, your sign riders, or even in text and email signatures.  Think about it.  When was the last time you took the time to look for someones phone number and copy it off the cardboard business card into your cell phone to make a call.  Chances are, your potential clients have done it even less than you.

Below is a brief video showing some of the different ways a busy realtor can use the simple QR code to increase their reach, their contacts and ultimately, their income.

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