Newsletters are the prime communication collateral used by many individuals, groups, companies and businesses.  It is literally what’s new.  This format is one of the oldest communication mediums.  Today newsletters are mostly electronic in nature and no longer use paper as the medium.

Newsletters have come a long way since the days when they were printed on papyrus and sheets of dead trees.  We can still produce and print such classic heritage versions of newsletters but a better solution is to produce a newsletter that has images that actually animate and videos and sound bites.  Not only are these newsletters ready for consumption on cell phones, tablets and various laptops and computers but they can be sent out electronically or even linked to.  Why not update your old newsletter to where a huge majority of of have been for years now, and present them electronically.  If they want it printed on paper then they can do that.  No need to hold up publishing waiting on someone to stamp it on typing paper.

The first video below shows a brief outline of a social groups newsletters, over a period of two years.  They all have a matching design but vary in color, icons, photos and subjects.

The second video shows  a few example pages from that social groups multimedia newsletter.  It is kind of fun and silly but that is the nature of social groups.  Professional newsletters can be produced in as soon as a few days.  If you have the media we can put that together for you.  If you need everything including producing the media needed, then we can help with that as well.