Original Art

Original Or Novel Art

Below you will find a list of most of Jriangle Productions© services associated with novel or original art and art related service categories. We offer a long list of other services so search our site for other services, ideas and specials. Be sure to check back often to see additions to our lists of services. To be sure you receive the latest news and offers, sign up using our contact form below and be the first to know when new services and special offers are available.
  • Line art is a very old genre of art using only lines to draw an image.  There are many different variations through history.  Some only use vertical lines.  Some only use one color. In t [...]
  •   Sometimes a piece of art will not fit in a standard frame.  Sometimes it will not even fit in a very large frame.  Sometimes it actually needs to be mobile!  Below you will find a [...]
  •   Photo Realism is one of Jriangle Productions favorite services.  It does involve a lot of work but the final results are always appreciated and remembered.  Below you will find a v [...]
  •     A theme is for more than just an event.  A central theme is needed for things as diverse as logos, collateral and design.  Below you will find a slide show of with an exa [...]
  •   A good logo will catch someones eye. A great logo will inspire thought and conversation. A legendary logo will catch some eye, inspire though and conversation and be instantly [...]
  •   Art comes in many forms.  It is definitely in the eye of the beholder.  One persons art is another persons... you get the idea.  Most art these days are created for a function.   [...]
  •   Jriangle Productions has used Keynote (and Power Point) for years, to make various game shows for use in various teaching situations and for fun.  This one is a fully finished, ki [...]
  •   Sometimes to get people to view a video you have put out there, you actually have to produce other videos in different forms as advertisement.  Social media is a great way to drive [...]
  • Several years ago, my partner and I were flipping houses and we discovered we really had a preference for mid-70's large family homes.  We had finished several projects where we had to do the [...]