Personal Realtor© Marketing Package

The prime secret, successful Realtors© and sales people have in common, in having continued, repeatable success in realty or any other service based industry, is daily habits & personal marketing.  It is not promoting a single house, a company logo or a McMansion photo you took from another realtor from a Google Search.

It is simple.

• A website you have little or no control over, will bring customers to the host of that site.

Your website will will bring clients to you.

• Social media that markets tools you pay for and use, like a company logo, yard signs, the brand of locks and even pens you use, will bring clients to them.

Your personal social media brings potential clients to you.

• Advertisements that focus on brands and logos convince people to share and promote that brand.

Advertisements that focus on you will convince people to share and promote you.

• A video of a realty brand will bring customers to the realty brand.

A video of you will bring new clients to you.

• Communications through a company or local affiliation will bring people to those companies and groups.

Communications that come from you directly connect you with potential new clients and customers and gives them a simple way to share and promote you.

• Emails from realtors with domains like,, or send potential clients to search engines… to find another realtor.

Emails with your own website domain are the top tier of professional email URLs.

The bottom of the list of professional email URL’s are Yahoo, gmail, etc. because anyone can get one of those.  The middle level is a company domain like Century 21, Remax, etc. because only a some people who are actual realtors can have one.  The top tier email domain is your own personal domain – or

Who do you wish to promote?  Does a plumber promote themselves with trying to convince you they are the best because of the newest, name brand crescent wrench with the new special steel & 2.896 diameter cog instead of that old 2.864 diameter that those other lesser plumbers are still using?

Successful realtors promote themselves and make it easy for others to share and promote them as well.


Realtor Promotion Package


We are now bundling the most useful and necessary products into one Realtor© promotion package.  Experienced, as well as new Realtors© will find exactly what they need with the ability to customize their package now and in the future.  We want you to have everything you need in the basic package and still have room for at least a few bells & whistles that make you stand out from all the rest.

Our video below shows you our basic package & video #2 shows you options available for upgrades, now and in the future.  Some of the options reduce the price!  Contact us today to get started.


Part 1 – Package Contents

Part 2 – Package Options