Photo Realism

Photo Realism is one of Jriangle Productions favorite services.  It does involve a lot of work but the final results are always appreciated and remembered.  Below you will find a video that shows a few original pieces and their close-ups, mostly used for events to be commemorated, along with a few card designs and a photo realistic stained glass photo.  You can even see the background shadows showing through the glass.

The famous Venus was re-imagined using 2 individuals who used it as a theme for a presentation.  The AJ’s Story poster was for a young man who liked the movies Toy Story & Cars.  His bedroom was a combination of both franchises.  There was nothing to be found that had both so we created it.  Hidden all over the poster were pictures of his relatives (including one who is no longer with us).  A separate smaller poster was created with a long list of people to search for in the poster.  The Leo 2012 Party had a theme from a cookbook called The Dead Celebrity Cookbook.  Everyone arrived dressed as one of the famous celebrities featured in the book.  Everyone brought one of the dishes as well.  The picture was an actual picture of their pool.  We inserted pictures of the hosts along with every dead celebrity we could cram into the picture.

Be sure to visit Large Art Installations on this site for more examples.