Photo Restore / Transformations

Restoration and transformations of photographs are one of the most requested services of Jriangle Productions.  Most of these requests come from friends of clients and other people who have seen our work up close.  Very close.  We work on the pixel level in most cases.  Photoshop can make a better image using an old cell phone camera than most high end cameras can produce without the help of Photoshop.  Using a combination of quality camera and advanced photoshop skills Jriangle Productions can make the right photo in the correct photo.

Photography is available everywhere including your own cell phone now.  You can get products photographed anywhere, including when you are the product.  Jriangle Productions mostly works with people who need their image on marketing and products.  The correct look as well as correct photoshopping for the end use (print is very different than video use) is where we shine.  You want your image to shine, not your nose!

Below are several videos we have produced to show what we can do using existing images.  Watch closely.  The second video is about ABCs (Animated Business Cards) that shows what different levels or packages will get you including more advanced transformations.  It shows a few before and after photos.