Photography {Realty}




Photography is available everywhere including your own cell phone now.  You can get products photographed anywhere, including when you are the product.  Jriangle Productions mostly works with people who need their image on marketing and products.  The correct look as well as correct photoshopping for the end use (print is very different than video use) is where we shine.  You want your image to shine, not your nose!

The other area of photography Jriangle Productions concentrates its efforts is real estate photography.  Having pictures of your listings that not only show off its best features but motivates potential buyers to visit the location is key to getting traffic.  Many realtors do not realize that most home buyers use the internet and HAR to eliminate homes, not to select homes to physically visit.  One single badly shot photo or incorrect, misleadingly worded photo description and your house can easily, in an instant, be eliminated from potentially being the house they choose to buy… or even consider visiting.

Below is a video we produced to show what we do for Realtors, a group of professionals who often need images of themselves and their listings for use in multiple areas of marketing.  Be sure to search our site for other Marketing Packages and photography services including Complete MLS Listing Services as well as packages of Marketing Media especially for realtors.