Pre-Listing House Preparation Evaluation Service

Agents want every listing that they can get.  The trouble with many listing prospects is the same problem most all listings have.  Preparing the home for MLS photos and for showing.  Every type of home owner, even those who have sold previous homes before, have the same problem with “bargaining” with the listing agent on what changes need to be made.  A surprising percentage will push back on literally any suggestions.  No matter how little or how much has to be done, it’s up to you as the listing agent to impart the perceived bad news to your new client.  It is never a good way to start off a new relationship.

Jriangle Productions© has the perfect solution.  As a very affordable premium that you can offer your clients (especially the ones that clearly need special attention) you can hire us as a marketing & staging specialist, to go in the home up front, go through the whole house, taking pre-photos (and on some occasions, the MLS photos) and make a complete inside/outside list of what has to be done, what should be done and what could be done to maximize the homes selling potential as well as it’s listing value.

After our inspection, we quickly send a report, to you, annotated with photos and organized into;

  • Has To Be Done
  • Needs to Be Done
  • Should Be Done
  • Could Be Done

Some items are worth a small investment if it results in an easy sale and returns at least the amount of investment back.  Sometimes even large investments in preparation for sale simply do not add value or return on investment.  Using our house flipping experience, we know exactly what is and isn’t adding value to the sale in todays market, as well as exact cost vs. return values.

The best reason for a pre-listing inspection is actually not the added value it gives to the final sale price and days on market.  It is the fact that your client will see this as an added marketing level you are providing that other realtors are not providing.  Any bad news that they do not want to hear comes from us, not you.  You are still the hero.  In the off chance the house doesn’t sell as it should, they know it is because they didn’t do something suggested, not because of something they think you did or didn’t do.  They know you hired a specialist, just for them.

Are you having trouble with clients perceived evaluation of their home vs. the actual comps?  Welcome to the party.  That is to some level, every single owner.  The comparable prices clearly show the home is currently worth $109,000 tops and they heard of some house around the corner going for $800,000 so their home must be worth $999,999.  You know their trailer with 3 bedrooms is not comparable to the 3 bedroom McMansion just across the bayou but they seem to think you are crazy and they know more than you.  Classic (and very common) situation.  You can be the person who sends in another specialist first.  Clients are considerably more open to your advice as an area specialist, as well as more open to listing price suggestions, when they are hearing it from more than one specialist.  The report can be in your choice of email, PDF or even a checklist format.

Every home sale is as different as the owners.  Contact us today to set up a strategy for a successful listing and sale.

A general contractor will charge much more for this service and in the end, it is from his viewpoint of profitability for his services.  As a realty designer, we always have the client and possible buyers wants and needs in mind.  With up-to-date cost and expenditures of renovation and construction, as well as a home stager and designer eye, we know what works.  We can steer your clients into helping themselves receive the biggest return in investment.  It just happens to cost $100s less.

We also offer MLS Listing Services and Photography Services.  You can actually give us a call with an address and instructions and we will take care of everything from Pre-listing to Posting for you, without you even having to go to your listing!  Busy agents use our complete service when they have too many things happening for a timely listing.  Experienced agents use us all the time for their special clients who need to hear what needs to be done from someone besides themselves.

Below is a short video showing our service and how it can help you.  Below the video is a link to 2 PDF files showing examples of a full report (names redacted).  The first example was originally in email form (realtor request) so they could forward it to their client the next day.  This gave the realtor the ability to add their suggestions at the top of the forwarded email to the client.

Pre-listing Results Video coming very soon.



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