Proposal Presentations

Have you ever had an idea that was simply brilliant, but no one else seemed to see it that way?  Proposal presentations are the key to getting others to see your idea in a more tangible way.  They help other people to visualize what you can clearly see.

Below is a video presentation (names changed and removed) to help a company choose the type of backdrop design they needed for a convention.  They had no idea that there were not only different levels and types of displays, but that they could use it for other purposes than once a year.  In this presentation we showed the different levels and types.  Some of the choices were actually duel/reversible designs and some of the choices incorporated a projection screen into the design to turn their backdrop into a multimedia display.  Using a few photos provided by the company we used what was familiar to show what could be, to help the owner and the parent company board make a better decision before the full design work took place.

You can view a few other examples on our Visualizations page and throughout this site.