Realtor Branding / Marketing Packages

As a new or experienced realtor you know the importance of marketing yourself. It is important to have up to date, quality photos of yourself in any kind of market but today, it is even more important to have the correct kind of photo’s to use in a large variety of media, locations, signage as well as in print.

We can provide you with the quality you need with a price that is affordable. We have several package deals that not only include a photo shoot but photos in the correct file types and the correct application of Photoshop to give a positive, real image of who you are. Included in the packages are other files of things you can use and reuse in many different ways such as images of your yard signs that are interchangeable and updatable and overlaid onto other photographs, now and in the future.

With all of our packages you will also receive a new card design that fits the requirements of exact color, spacing and other rules set by each realty firm as well as local standards, a personal contact QR code for use on the backs of business cards as well as in print, ads and signage.

The newest item we are including in all our package deals is an ABC – Animated Business Card. This includes instructions, all related files has step-by-step instructions for saving and easy access for sharing with clients and potential new clients. ABC’s are the latest, paperless way to not only catch a new customers attention but also a way to have all of your contact information saved directly to their cell phones contacts.

Who do you think someone is going to call when it’s time to buy or sell a property, someone they think they remember the number of, that they saw somewhere on a yard sign or someone who is already in their contacts?

We are also offering new marketing packages geared toward new or new to the online world agents that include a matching website with different levels of function and realtor input.  We also offer matching social media sites that are either rebranded from your existing social media sites or create new, matching business sites including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and other sites frequently utilized by realtors.