Realty Line Art

Line art is a very old genre of art using only lines to draw an image.  There are many different variations through history.  Some only use vertical lines.  Some only use one color.

In the 60’s early 70’s the art form was used heavily in the advertisement industry.  It was seen everywhere from magazines to print ads selling cars, appliances and even services.

A few years ago we found one of our favorite kind of houses to flip… a mid-70’s “Brady Bunch”.  It was going to take several months to get it in any kind of showing condition.  It had been abandoned and empty for over a year (and it looked like it had been several years on the outside).  We didn’t want to wait to list it for sale after an extended period of time so we decided to list it with period specific marketing.  At that time houses were still being sold using sketches and line drawings to show what it could look like.

As a result we actually sold the house in one day… after acquiring the property… before work had even started!

We have used this technique on several properties.  It really does give a good impression of what a property will look like when finished without having to post actual pictures right away.  The video below shows what the line art looked like compared to what the actual view looked like.  It also includes some of the actual finished views as well.  Below that is a slideshow showing a few of our 70’s style line art drawings of various flips.


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