Realty Seminars & Training



Sometimes, even the most experienced agent could use an update on skills that are not normally covered by the usual training at your office or even at realty certification school. Like most other careers, the courses in school are all about theory and history. It is usually up to the employer to provide the practical training.  Even law school teaches trail history, cases and precedents while leaving all courtroom procedure to the hiring law firm, after the lawyer passes the bar.  In real estate, like all other sales, you need the most up-to-date information on technique, procedure and available options.

Below is a list of Jriangle Productions© courses on current knowledge in several areas of marketing, tools and technology, taught by a multi, education degreed professional.  These courses and workshops are training centered and not a sales platform for Jriangle Productions.  We do present examples our company has produced, but usually non-labeled visuals.  If your agency has a special need, we can work together to create a specialized curriculum tailored to your agencies individual needs.  A short presentation of our services (about 15 or so minutes) is available for meetings and after courses, as well as a 30-60 minute training presentation on daily social media marketing , specifically for realty professionals, including work sheets for notes.



  • Jriangle Productions Family Of Realty/Realtor/Broker Services –, Realtor.videos, RealtorsWeb.Site,, AnimatedBusiness.Cards &
  • Daily Social Marketing


  • Effective Marketing – Up-to-date marketing techniques that are currently working for other realtors in 2016
  • Marketing Yourself – The ABC’s Of Prospect Communications
  • Listing Photography – Quality Shots From Point & Shoot Cameras (Including Cell Phones)
  • Staging – Inexpensive & Free Staging & UN-staging Techniques
  • Marketing A House – Advanced Techniques For Difficult Listings


  • Marketing Yourself – Advanced Technology Techniques In Prospect Management & Secondary Prospect Referrals
  • MLS – Advanced Scripting and Photography
  • Setting Up Effective Social Marketing


Presentations are free.  Courses run from $100 -$200 each with brokerage discounts for multiple classes and multiple course selections.

Check back often to view our updated course list.  If you have ideas for needed courses for your agents, please contact us today and we will develop the curriculum and post the course.