Riders & Signs

Every business needs a sign.  Even Tupperware™ sales professionals put up a tent card when they invite you over and make you eat Jello® and buy plastic measuring cups that slice and dice.  Realtors use yard signs.  Some agencies provide them for you (with THEIR number on them) and some allow you to design your own.  Some are only allowed to design and print their own riders (the narrow, interchangeable signs found on the top and bottom of the main body sign).  Some companies only allow your phone number.

Every national brand does have specific requirements that are NOT met by many online sign providers.  They look official in a pamphlet and on their website but simply do not meet the requirements set up by each company.

For example, Berkshire Hathaway requires you to use precise % of space to the top, left and right of all print material of their logo.  Century 21 requires you to use 0% cyan, 100% yellow and a specific amount of magenta for print, a different percentage of magenta for glossy print and yet another amount of the same magenta for online and video.  Most agents (and some brokers) do not know these rules.  Some agents do not know the sign is called a rider.  It’s very hard to Google “little, narrow sign for the top of my sign” and get the correct result.

Agents and realty professionals know additional signs are the best way to capture the attention of those who generally do not even see traditional yard signs.  Extra signs with QR codes, specialty features… anything with a shiny balloon, usually do the job.

Riders usually come with simple messages such as a phone number, a face and QR code, “Sold”, “For Sale”, “Sale Pending”, “Hardly Haunted”, and my favorite… “Quiet Neighbors”.

Quiet Neighbors

Below you will find a couple of videos about realty signage.  The first video is about realty signage.  Everything from riders up to billboards.  The second is about signage in general including a few you might not have thought of.

Contact us today with your ideas, requirements and general taste in design.  We will design exactly what you need, meeting all requirements of your company as well as your own.