Social Media Videos Info

Uploading a video to social media is certainly better than no video at all when it comes to marketing but there are reasons you do not upload full length movies or even virtual tours or complete explainer videos to Facebook and other social media outlets.  For one thing, those file types are longer and much larger in file size.  They take much longer to upload.  The second and most important reason is the longer videos rarely get seen.  Social media has played a large part in the shortening of attention spans.  The shorter the video, the more it gets viewed... in it's entirety.  

When you have to get a lot of important information in a short length of time, you have to select the most important of the information and images from that list.  In commercial television, videos originally started out being 60 and 30 seconds because of the expense.  Today they have to be 30 seconds and under just to capture and keep the attention of the viewer before they change channels or simply move on to something else.

When constructing video for social media, the content needs to get at the most important information in the first 5 seconds.

Below is an example of a social media listing presentation that is under 60 seconds (the full virtual tour video is below).  A 15 - 30 second video is optimal for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.  The shorter and faster the video, the more it gets viewed.  The more it gets viewed, the more it gets reviewed.  The more it gets reviewed, the more interest is generated, The more interest is generated, the more it gets shared.  The more it gets shared, the more people investigate and look into viewing more information, the full video and the actual listing.  The more people who view the actual listing, the more foot traffic you get in your listing.


Medium Short Social Media Tour


Full Version Of Virtual Tour Video