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  •   The prime secret, successful Realtors© and sales people have in common, in having continued, repeatable success in realty or any other service based industry, is daily habits & pe [...]
  •   Below are links to a few featured websites Jriangle Productions has created in the last year. Client Websites   [...]
  • As a new or experienced realtor you know the importance of marketing yourself. It is important to have up to date, quality photos of yourself in any kind of market but today, it is even more i [...]
  •   Today, many people need to gather their personal marketing materials one at a time.  As business progresses you compile more and more, little by little.  Most of the time, by the t [...]
  •     Realtors and people in various other realty related business like title companies, investors, builders, rehabbers and others know the importance of having a good identity f [...]
  •   Agents want every listing that they can get.  The trouble with many listing prospects is the same problem most all listings have.  Preparing the home for MLS photos and for showing [...]
  •     If you have ever researched having a website created for your realty business you have probably found out that web designers think very highly of their work and outrageousl [...]
  • Sometimes cellphone pictures look really good. Rarely does that work in real estate, especially when it comes to uploads and online postings. Ask any professional photographer "what is the harde [...]
  • I bet you or someone you know still uses dead-tree business cards. Business cards printed on card stock paper and ordered in boxes of 250, 500, 1000 or even more.  It is time to update your bus [...]
  • Do you have a house that has been on the market for too long? Is it not getting the traffic numbers to allow it to sell timely? Are you in the middle of rehab and you already can see it is going [...]
  • You've been in business for a while now. More and more you are running into others with your exact same business cards from the online free section of various print houses. Your first reaction i [...]
  • A companies image is not only the first impression a new customer or client sees, it is likely the thing they will remember. Do you want to be one of the others who all blend together as one gro [...]
  • Everyone has boxes and albums of old photos. Many of us even have old framed pictures on the wall. The problem with most people is, even if they have the scanner and software, they do not have t [...]
  • One of the most personal gifts you can give yourself, your family and your friends is a photo album book. We will do the layout and have them shipped directly to you or a list of people for y [...]
  • Wouldn't it be nice to actually hear and use your full CD collection? We will set up or add to your current iTunes account and input all of your CD collection. This includes correct album art [...]