Surprise Birthday Party

I am very fortunate to have really fun, interesting and all-around great people in my neighborhood.  I had the good fortune to help my friend Dino throw a surprise birthday party for his beautiful and fun-loving wife, Jami.  We decided to throw a color party (her favorite color is orange).  Dino spent a week sneaking around, stealing her phone and calling, texting and emailing her friends with strick instruction not to post anything online until after her party.  Another great neighbor helped by getting Jami and her mother out of the house before the party so we could decorate.  It is amazing how $100 bucks, an electric staple gun, 100ft of orange plastic table cloth, a few dollar store-graveyard flowers and some balloons can transform a large backyard and pool into an instant party in one hour!  It was great fun surprising someone who notices everything!

This is the video invitation I made (with the help of friends in Venice Beach, California at JibJab and a few pics of the decorations.



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