Testimonial Videos Info

Right after closing, while the clients are trying to get the blood recirculating into their signature hand is the best time to turn on the camera and get the footage of the clients answering a few targeted questions about their experience. They feel like their opinion matters and that they matter to you.  The clients feel like movie stars!  Instead of just you sharing a photo online, the clients usually share the videos with their circle of online friends and business associates.

In general, about 5 questions will generate enough video to have a proper length, professionally produced video to use on social media and your own personal realty website (or the free one your real estate company uses to market themselves). Knowing what type of buyers or sellers they are ahead of time will help choose the questions that will give the client(s) the opportunity to express their feelings and focus on the important things you feel make set you apart from the others.

Your clients are the very best marketer of you that you can possible have.

The following examples are different versions and designs with a focus on specific aspects of what make the same realtor stand out from all the others.  The questions were a mixture of general and targeted questions about what made their individual home purchase or sale different.  The first example focuses on selecting a realtor to work with from an experienced realtor shopper who fired 5 realtors before hiring Century 21 Olympian Realtor Tom Allen.  The second video is focused on out-of-town buyers and the associated problems of being 1st time buyers.  The third video focuses on a couple of buyers including celebrity chef Pamela Graham of Le'Pams House Of Creole.