Movie (Video) Trailers

Sometimes to get people to view a video you have put out there, you actually have to produce other videos in different forms as advertisement.  Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your actual website.  Shorter, interesting and eye-catching versions posted to various social medias can be an effective way to catch the attention of potential new clients and customers.

Movies have used trailers to drive the interest of the public.  It is effective and still very much in use today.  Why not use the same method to drive traffic to your websites?  Below is a couple of trailers, in the style of film-noir and horror to advertise a particular video on a realty rehabilitation website.  The video is actually a serious industrial marketing video but it got a huge bump in views after posting first the horror trailer and then a few weeks later, the noir trailer.

I have reposted the actual video on our YouTube channel as well as HERE on this site.  There are many other genres of movies and genres of trailers.  Perhaps one could be right for you and your next project.

 Horror Genre

Film-noir Genre

Video – Transformations