Virtual Tour Videos Info

 A virtual tour video is sometimes full video footage of each room of a listing.  Most of the time that type of video ends up either showing all the wrong or awkward views or simply makes the interested, potential buyer feel they have already seen this one because they all seem to blend into one another after about 3 houses for most buyers.  Remember all of those drone videos from 5 years ago?  All they seemed to highlight is the missing shingles, other peoples trashcans, messy backyards and impossible views from the address that would require a hot air balloon to actually see.

A video tour should highlight the main features of the house but leave the viewer wanting to see more.  Clean and simple gets them in the door every time, especially when the time was taken to describe all 32 MLS listing photos.

Most all buyers buy from a house they have actually visited and not one that they think they have already seen.

The following 3 matching videos are examples of the most common types of virtual tour sets used in the local market today.  We can use your existing photos or do a complete listing photoshoot and use our photos and video from he shoot to create any type(s) of video required by your listings target market.