Web / Presentation Videos

Realtors and people in various other realty related business like title companies, investors, builders, rehabbers and others know the importance of having a good identity for their business, online and otherwise.  Brokers often need to do presentations to potential investors.  Realtors often have to present themselves online in their websites as well as social media.  Other individuals and small real estate service businesses need to represent their skills and services as a first contact for potential customers.

The most common way to present and introduce yourself or your business online is to have a video produced that either shows you and your skills or a splash video.  Industry video have been the most popular format for many years now.

“Splash” video is a term for an introductory video of a person, group or business and includes a summary or all things offered or in general a list.  It is generally used as a front page video on a businesses website.

The first video is an example of an realtor’s introductory video.  The second video shows 3 types of video presentations that can be used online, in emails and texts and with social media and websites.  The third video shows a realty groups collective services, all in one video.  The White Hat Group is a realty company of builders, investors and various other realty interests.  To make the splash, we had to first make introductory videos of each of the different sub-companies.  Then we used clips from each video to make the splash.