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If you have ever researched having a website created for your realty business you have probably found out that web designers think very highly of their work and outrageously value their web designs.  This is only the beginning.  Once you regain consciousness and stand back upright, you find out there is a monthly maintenance fee that is required as well.  If you have also researched a little further, there are other monthly fees for what you need on your site related to the information itself!  Most decide they will make a Weebly, drag & drop, a Go-daddy “I think this looks like a realty site”, or simply go without a website altogether.

Working closely with many agents and brokers over the years, we hear this same story over and over and over.  As graphic designers we have stayed away from other types of design including web coding.  A few years ago, out of necessity I learned enough coding to do WordPress.  Even experienced coders quickly find out that realty is it’s own entity.  It requires knowledge of HAR integration, search engine, search engine optimization, IDX integration and several other complicated additions to the standard coding lexicon.  Web masters are not over-pricing their work.  It is a LOT of complicated trial and error and an astounding amount of clock hours simply to enter the information.  Realtors spend this money simply to have listings that do not have the listing agents name and information listed, like it is in HAR.

Once we put up a site for ourselves < > we quickly discovered that not only would it have cost a small fortune up front, but it would have also cost a large amount of money up front for the monthly fees for the listing information (IDX integration).  Luckily the broker provides his agents a choice of their own branded search engine.  It does have their name and number at the top but it is still esthetically branding the national company and the brokerage.  By using a technique called “framing” I was able to integrate it into a site and and have it function simply as another page that match the sites look.

Not all brokers provide search engines or even a website.  In fact, very few do.  It is very expensive.  This is a big part of why realty websites cost so much.  Jriangle Productions has a solution for some of the realty professionals struggling with trying to get even an obligatory web presence started.  We are offering a no-monthly-fee, starter or advanced realty website in your choice of a few different designs, that integrates either your HAR or your broker-provided web-search/search engine (such as TigerLeads®, Diverse Solutions©, Property Minder® etc.) for a price that is frankly, not even as many digits as others offer.  No ongoing fees.  We can even show you how to self-monitor and update.  Later on when you are ready to upgrade to an IDX solution, that automatically adds content and listings to your site, your site will already be ready for the integration without having to start over with a completely new and expensive website.

The videos below will give you an idea of what options are available and more information about how you actually can have a professional, functioning, responsive (fits all screen sizes), design that works for you now with the possibility of being upgraded in the future as your needs increase from the positive effects of your new website reaching a vastly larger number of potential clients.  The second video should help you decide on the level of ongoing time and effort you would like to input… even if it is zero!  Give us a text, call or email today to get started with the publication of your new, income-producing realty website.

To get a better idea of the animation or the advanced search features we offer, without having to pay up-front, monthly fees for IDX integration, visit our customers realty sites on our Clients Websites page for live previews and to see our ever-growing list of IDXable realty themes styles.  There are other interesting animated features that can be added to your theme if your choice is similar to (or this site, and the sky is the limit for additional features if your website type is similar to and others.

Don’t forget to search the many other services we offer busy, real estate professionals. Our realtor marketing page has different packages that can include a matching website as well as matching social media sites.  The two links at the top of the page can be used as short-cuts to “Realty” & “Services”.


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