Below are a few featured websites Jriangle Productions has created in the last year. Included with the Jriangle Family of websites we have also added a section of a few clients websites as well.


Featured Website is a Houston based Multimedia Design firm, specializing in helping new businesses create ALL of their design, web & marketing needs.

Realtors Web Site

Realtors Web Site has a solution for the realty professional, struggling to get a web presence started for their clients to use to get information and search for homes, but only finding very expensive beginner template looking sites with clip art & images stolen from online, that look like everything else,... from 4+ years ago.  We are offering a no-monthly-fee, responsive, modern designed, realty website, that integrates either your HAR or your broker-provided web-search/search engine & original graphics, unique to your site, for a price that is frankly, not even as many digits as others offer.

Realtors Video

Realtors Video is a introductory, client testimonial, virtual tour and Facebook page header video service. We help present you and your listing, your skills and knowledge in an attractive, modern and effective format. You can use your video to upload to websites, realty sites, texts, emails, social media and many other ways. Instead of promoting just a brand or company, you can take control of your image and promote yourself in a way that shows your style and value.

HAR List

HAR List is a complete photography and MLS listing service in the greater Houston, Texas area. We included a complete photo shoot of around 100+ photos, professional Photoshop work, main listing 500 character descriptions, individual descriptions of all 32 photos, archive storage of photos and scripts and upload of all files to HAR (with your sign-in informations). It is now possible to enter an address and payment information into our online order form and have your postings completely optimized photos and descriptions online the next day in most cases.


Animated Business Card and an online contact file stored in your cell phone, is all you need to connect with others in a faster, more effective way than some small piece of cardboard. By sending your new A B C in a text message along with your online contact file and simply asking someone to click save, to create a new contact, you have established a new multi-line of communication. You are now in their contacts and you can save their number in your contacts as well. They can now call, text, email and visit your social media and websites.


Houston area specialist Tom Allen is a trainer and senior management member of Century 21 Olympian In Houston Texas and surrounding areas.  He has a growing client basfrom the greater Houston area, Europe & Asia.  Among many other industries in his background such as travel and corporate energy, Tom is an experienced home rehabilitation contractor with mostly ground-up restorations, complete pool reconstruction, roofs, foundation, masonry and structure.

Jeff's Garage Sale is a REAL garage sale where you can get more information, photos, prices and even slideshows of items rarely seen in other garage sales. All of my items are in excelent to new condition.

North Houston Homes

It's hard to find the perfect home. I can make it easy to make the home we find, into your dream, before you even move in.

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